The biggest community event has just started! The event with more than 700 technical sessions will continue until 27th of September.

You can watch the sessions online via the link below

Here are some of the hot topics that have been announced today around Azure


  • Windows Server 2019 and Windows Server, version 1809 availability
  • Azure Ultra SSD Managed Disks public preview
  • Azure Standard SSD Managed Disks general availability
  • Azure Premium Files public preview
  • Larger Azure Managed Disks sizes
  • New GPU-enabled Azure Virtual Machines
  • Azure Serial Console general availability
  • Azure Virtual WAN general availability
  • Azure Front Door Service preview
  • Azure Firewall general availability
  • Azure ExpressRoute Direct public preview
  • Azure ExpressRoute Global Reach public preview
  • New Azure DDoS Protection Standard features
  • H-series Virtual Machines for High-Performance Computing public preview


  • Azure Functions 2.0 runtime availability and other updates
  • Azure Event Grid updates
  • Azure Container Registry: ACR tasks general availability
  • Azure Container Registry: ACR tasks multi-step capability, public preview
  • Azure Container Registry: Docker content trust model support, public preview
  • Azure Container Registry: Helm repositories, public preview
  • Azure Container Registry: Open Container Initiative (OCI) Support, public preview
  • New features for Azure LogicApps
  • Azure Service Fabric updates
  • Intune MAM Wrappers for line of business apps
  • Kubernetes on Azure Stack public preview

Governance and management

  • Azure Blueprints public preview
  • Azure Resource Graph public preview
  • Azure Policy for DevOps public preview
  • Azure Cost Management within Azure Portal public preview
  • Azure Monitor general availability

You can also have further details here

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